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September Hot Topic – Attracting & Retaining Membership

One of the most difficult challenges SWE sections face is attracting and, later, retaining members. Although sections have fun, educational, or otherwise beneficial activities, we often do not know how to communicate to new members the value of SWE.

Attracting New Members

SWE has so many great benefits for collegiates, and it is important to inform potential members of these benefits to encourage them to join.

Here’s a short list of some of the benefits of joining SWE
+ Networking opportunities with fellow female engineers, both professionals and collegiates
+ Professional development seminars on topics such as work-life balance to resume building
+ Developing Leadership Skills
+ Regional and National Conferences
+ Access to My SWE Communities and the SWE job search website
+ Outreach events with local schools and the community

Retaining Members

Once you encourage new members to join your section, how do you keep them? The key is to make all members feel included and important.

Here are some ideas for how to retain members:
+ Hold raffles at meetings
+ Saturday social events
+ Combine meetings with other organizations
+ Provide Freshman with free or discounted membership
+ Tutoring for members by members
+ Set up a membership points system
+ Match new members with an officer

Have anything else to add to the topic?  Feel free to leave a comment!


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