RG Update

Governor Update #1

Greetings Region G members,

The SWE 09 National Conference, November 6-8, 2008, Baltimore, MD is less than one month away! If you are attending the conference, please read specific information in Part A.  Part B has important information for everyone.


1. Please plan to attend the Region G business meeting at National Conference:
Thursday, Nov 6
1 to 5 pm
Sheraton Hotel, Camden room 1
Professional discussion will begin first, followed by joint, and collegiate discussions.

2. Your representative to the SWE Council of Representatives will be meeting and voting on several very important bylaws changes – there are 22 proposed changes to SWE national bylaws!  Volumes of public information are available on SWE communities under COR and Bylaws communities.  All (and only) SWE members can log on to SWE communities.  Please logon and join these communities, read the material, and voice your opinion to your COR representative or to governor-g@swe.org.

The two Council business meetings will be held on Thursday 11/6 from 10am-12:45pm and on Saturday 11/8 from 12-5pm.  COR and RCR are required to attend.  Non-representatives are permitted to sit in the back of the room and observe the meeting.  This allows interested SWE members to learn how COR operates.

3. Conference attire is business casual.  Career fair is business attire. Awards Banquet will be held on Friday evening.  Dress is formal.

4. Celebrate SWE! Awards ceremony is on Saturday evening.  This year, the event is taking more of a formal awards’ banquet atmosphere.  Along with the usual presentation of individual and section awards, SWE has moved the presentation of the Distinguished New Engineer Awards to Saturday, at Celebrate SWE.  Attire will be dress to formal.

As in the past couple of years, all regions, including region G, are preparing a skit/presentation for that evening.  If needed, those participating in skits will change attire prior to their skit.

5. ACTION: Region G needs to get an estimate of the number of region members who will attend several events at conference, so that Region G can plan for adequate seating.  Please send an email to governor-g@swe.org (I prefer that your section president please compile the information into single spreadsheet to email).
Name of Attendee
SWE role
Attend Region G business meeting  YES/no
Attend Celebrate SWE!                     YES/no


1. Please remember to exercise your right to vote by voting in the US National elections on Tuesday, Nov 4. (if you will be at the conference on Nov 4, remember to obtain an absentee ballot or check your if locality has a location for early voting.)

2. Even if you are not attending the conference, the proposed changes to SWE Bylaws affect all SWE members and your feedback is welcome. (See #2 above to readd more and voice your opinion.)

3. Region G information is located on the region G website (in the process of being updated), and in SWE Communities, Region G Goings. For privacy and security reasons, most of the information is in SWE Communities.  Only SWE members have access to SWE Communities; thus, personal contact information and sensitive region business in SWE Communities can be viewed only by SWE members.  Due to the privacy issue, Region G is cautious about posts, links, and information, unless you send your information to us for posting, we will not post it.  Thus, Region G relies on YOU to provide comments, corrections, news, photos, and things to post on the internet – please send items to governor-g@swe.org .  The more you provide, the more up-to-date these will become.  In SWE Communities, you can even post directly, yourself, no need to email to governor.

4. This year Region G elects governor and lieutenant governor for FY10 – FT12 term.  We will be seeking candidates for these roles.

5. Mark your calendar for the Region G 2009 Conference and Career Fair
Shattering the Sky’s Limit
Friday February 27 – March 1, 2009
Akron, OH hosted by the University of Akron and Northeast Ohio SWE sections.


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