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October Hot Topic – Making the Most of SWE Resources

As a SWE member, there are numerous resources available to you. The focus of this month’s hot topic will explore a number of these resources & explain how you can make the most of the opportunities that SWE has to offer!

+MySWE Communities – SWE Communities provies online interaction tools designed to facilitate discussions and information sharing among members. Communities provides you with tools you need to network and communicate with your local section members, region and professional members. Think of it as Facebook, exclusively for SWE members. SWE Communities offers the following features:

  • Personal SWE Profile
  • Friends
  • Communities (Groups)
  • Personal Calendar
  • Discussion Board
  • Document Collaboration
  • Events
  • Blogs
  • Polls
  • Chat
  • And more!

It’s easy to register. All you need is your SWE user name and password! I’ve been using SWE Communities to stay in touch with my fellow RCRs/RCNEs/SWEFL and all the awesome SWEet ladies I’ve met at various conferences.

+SWE Outreach – This website provides all the information required for coordinating outreach activities and events. It also provides information on outreach programs such as Assessing Women and Men in Engineering (AWE) and events like Wow! That’s Engineering. Be sure to check it out.

+SWE Webinars – SWE HQs usually mails out a few emails every month with news or information about Webinars. These webinars are targeted to both collegiate and professional members for professional and personal development. The webinars are sponsored by various companies and conducted by female engineers who have been successful in the field. Here is a list of past webinars and links to the video/audio.

+SWE Scholarships – SWE offers a variety of scholarships for members. In fiscal year 2007, SWE disbursed more than 130 new and renewed scholarships valued at more than $400,000. Application information for the 2009-2010 school year will be available in December.

+Region G Blog – You’re already here! This blog has been created for you to share your thoughts, opinions and concerns about SWE and your local section. Stay updated with all the latest news on the National Conference, Hot Topics and events in Region G. Be sure to read posts by our governor, Mary Ann Walsh, and our RCR, Britney Thompson to get updates on regional news. If you would like to contribute to this blog about any exciting news or events happening in your sections, share best practices or pictures of your events, send me an email at

+Local professional section – Professional sections include SWE members who have graduated and who currently work in industry. These sections hold events, meetings and provide career guidance as well. Professional section members can assist you with providing guest speakers for meetings, career guidance and networking opportunities within industry.

+Regional Collegiate Representative (RCR) Britney Thompson is our FY09 RCR.  Her job is to ensure that your voice and concerns are heard at the Regional and National level. She is a great resource for questions about section reports, regional positions, funding, and general advice about SWE. Email her at

+Regional Collegiate Newsletter Editor (RCNE) – That’s me! I’m here to answer any questions you have about Region G and the blog. Email me at

+Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC) – The CLCC is a great resource to attract membership or inform your members about SWE. Region G has a CLCC which is lead by Jennifer Vallero. You can contact any of the CLCC members to visit your section and give a detailed presentation from the CLCC Module List, which can be found in the link above.


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