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November Hot Topic – National Opportunities

As a collegiate, there are numerous ways for you to get involved.  This “Hot Topic” covers ways to become more involved on the National Level of SWE.    Below is a list of roles and positions that collegiates can take on!


+ Regional Collegiate Representative (RCR) – Works closely with the Region Governor and Collegiate Section Presidents to file reports on time.  From revising bylaws to filing Financial Reports and submitting Section Reports, she is your “go-to” girl with all the information you’ll need!  She also distributes information about regional and national issues to the collegiate sections and runs the collegiate regional business meetings at the regional and national conferences.  More details on applying for this position will be posted soon.  Elections are held each year in the spring at the Region G conference!

+ Regional Collegiate Newsletter Editor (RCNE) – Don’t let the title fool you!  This person works closely with the RCR to help her achieve her goals.  Also, she gets to “blog about SWE!” by maintaining the fabulous Region G blog! More details on applying for this position will be posted soon.  Elections are held along with RCR elections at the Region G conference!


+ National Committee Member -Collegiates are able to serve on any National Committees that are of interest to them.  In fact, after talking to National Committee Members at National Conference, collegiates are welcomed and encouraged to join!  For more information on the Committees, visit the SWE webpage for a description of each committee.  If you’re interested in joining a particular committee, just send an email to the Committee Chair (most links are listed on the webpage)!

+ SWE Future Leaders (“SWE-fuls”) – This opportunity is for freshmen & sophomores in SWE to learn more about the national organization, to develop their leadership potential, and to meet other future leaders from across the country!  More details will be available on applying for these positions in the spring!

If you have any other national opportunities to add, or questions about the opportunities listed above, feel free to leave comments!


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