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December Hot Topic – Rewarding Members

Rewarding Members

Throughout the year, it’s always a good idea to recognize the most active and involved members of your collegiate section.  Each year, there is always the outstanding group of members who come to most of the meetings, who organize and attend events, or who volunteer their time to serve on committees.

Here are some ideas for how to reward these members who go above and beyond the requirements of being a SWE member:

+ Create Awards for your collegiate section to hand out at the end of each semester.  Base awards on the member’s involvement, SWE spirit, and commitment and dedication to your section.  These awards can be as simple as “Most Active” or “Most Involved” and can be awarded at the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior levels.

+ Hold a “Distinguished Member” banquet for a top percentage of members who have outstanding participation! This can be as simple as having a dinner for these members at a local restaurant and hand out awards and small prizes.  The honor of having a special banquet can also be used as motivation to have more involved members in the future, so be sure to share a recap with to inspire the rest!

+ If your “outstanding” members are freshmen or sophomores, nominate them as SWE-Future Leaders.  More information on the nomination process for “SWE-FUL”s will come out next semester!

+ Send thank you notes.  If you are a section president, let your “outstanding members know that you appreciate all of their hard work at SWE this semester by sending them a note (either in person or via email).

Don’t forget to recognize your hard-working officers too!


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