RG Update

Governor’s Update – SWE Business from WE’08

Notes from Region G Meeting, November 6:

* Council Passed Region G budget

* Region G has a SWE Community: Region G Going’s http://communities.swe.org/COP/RegionGGoings/

* Powerpoint slides from the meeting are posted on the community!

* A lot of other information from SWE conference and meeting, Region business, etc is on Region G Goings under various headings…

* Region G has a Blog at https://regiong.wordpress.com/

Notes from COR Meeting November 8, 2009

Passed several Bylaws changes, including:

The Council of Representatives is changed to the SWE Senate. Each Region will have 2 professional Senators, with no more than one from a section or MALs. The professional Senators will be elected by the voting members of the region. A region may elect an alternate Senator. A professional-member Senator will serve a two-year term.

Each Region will have one collegiate Senator, elected in the same manner as the RCR and RCNE are currently elected. A collegiate Senator will serve a 1-year term.

COR Governance Committee

As a result of the approved change to a SWE Senate, the Governance committee is meeting (phone call) on Monday evening, November 17. They will be determining the details for the election process for the professional, international, and collegiate representatives to the Senate.

Region Council

It is noted that the Region council remains the same as defined in the Region bylaws. A region Senator will not serve as a voting member of the Region council.


Region G Nominating Committee – the nominating committee is waiting for instructions from COR and the Governance committee before sending out their call for nominations. This is delaying the call which was expected to go out this week.

The positions of governor, lt. governor, and Senate will be open for nominations. The governor is placed on the national SWE ballot and is elected by the members of the region. The Lt. Governor is elected by the Region council. The election process for Senators is being decided, most likely scenario is that Senators will probably also be placed on the national ballot, the same as the governor, as s/he is also elected by the voting members of the Region.

Region G Awards Program

Region G members Laura Iannacci/Deputy Chair CLC and Mary Ann Walsh/governor have drafted a Region G Awards and Recognition Program. This is on the Region G Going’s Community.

Region G Travel Grant Program

Region G members Judy Simmons/Treasurer and Mary Ann Walsh/governor have drafted a travel grant program. This is posted on the Region G Going’s Community.

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