RCCE Update

Region G needs YOU to be a collegiate representative!

Below is the call for applicants for the FY10 Region G Collegiate Representative (aka the RCR) and the Region G Collegiate Newlsetter Editor (RCNE)!  If you’re interested in becoming more involved with the Society of Women Engineers on the national level, then apply now for either of these positions.

Remember, the deadline is Friday, February 6th!!!



Call for Applicants!

Are you interested in taking your SWE leadership to the next level?  Do you want to make a difference in programs for collegiate members?  If so, this is your opportunity to apply! You could be your region’s next Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) or Region Collegiate Newsletter Editor (RCNE).

The RCR is responsible for representing collegiate members’ interests among regional leaders.  The RCNE is responsible for communicating important SWE events and best practices primarily through the region’s blog.  Plus, the RCR(s) and RCNE from each region will get to attend next summer’s Collegiate Leadership Forum in Chicago, IL!

Both positions provide invaluable interaction and coaching from SWE leaders.  These leadership opportunities sharpen your career skill-set in the areas of leading and facilitation, group dynamics and communication, and project leadership. Please click on this link to get started on your RCR or RCNE application.

When you apply you will need:

  • Member number
  • Section/Region
  • School and Permanent Address
  • Position of interest
  • SWE leadership positions
  • Other leadership positions
  • What you bring to the RCR or RCNE position
  • What SWE means to you
  • Interest outside of SWE
  • Reference to confirm GPA/academic standing

Applications are due by Friday, February 6th.

Like FY09, in FY10 there will be 1 RCR for every 1,000 collegiate members in the region up to 2.  Below is a summary of each Region’s membership as of November 30th.  Regions with a collegiate membership of 1,000 members by Dec 31st 2008 will host 2 RCRs.

Region A: 379 members (1 RCR)
Region G: 916 members (1 RCR)

Note: the application for becoming Collegiate Senator will be provided in a separate eBlast.  There will be opportunities to learn more about the differences between Collegiate Senator, RCR, and RCNE in the coming weeks.

More information about the election process can be found in the SWE Community “Collegiate Leadership Opportunity Community. If you have any questions regarding the RCR/RCNE positions or the election process, please contact your Region Leadership:


Region A

Region G







Region Governor

Elizabeth Hurley

Mary Ann T. Walsh

or Pam Snyder, FY09 RCR-RCNE Coordinator

Thank you,

Pam Snyder, FY09 RCR/RCNE Coordinator
Jennifer Vallero, FY09 RCR/RCNE Coordinator-Elect



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