RCCE Update

Region G needs YOU to help us win an award!

The email below is from Marilyn Reeder, a professional SWE member in Region G.  Region G is putting together a team with the goal of winning the SWE Region Programming Excellence Award, which is sponsored by IBM.  This is a great way to improve your leadership skills and get more involved with SWE!  Plus, I’m sure it would look great on a resume!





Subject: IBM Program

IBM is once again sponsoring a SWE Region Programming Excellence Award.  This year the topic is “Managing Different Generations.”  Some of you may recall that Region G presented a session on this topic in 2006 in Cincinnati to address that year’s topic – diversity & inclusiveness – and received an honorable mention.   This puts us in an excellent position to improve on the topic and place first. 


To that end I am requesting the assistance of individuals, both professional and collegiate, to assist in the development of this session which will be held at the Region G Conference in Akron, OH on February 28, 2009.  Assistance can take on many forms: providing input on topics of particular interest to members of your generation, information on what it is about other generations that drives you crazy, review of materials, and assistance in developing a game to drive the differences, and similarities, home and to provide a vehicle to have a lot of fun while we learn.  It would be beneficial to have members of all 4 generations: matures, boomers, GenX, and GenY participate. 


If you are interested in participating please contact Marilyn Reeder at mmreeder@comcast.net or 412-780-3459.  There will also be a thread on SWE Communities/ Region G Going’s.


For more information please go to:




Marilyn Reeder, PMP

Project Manager

Engineering Projects – New Plant Projects

Westinghouse Electric Company

Nuclear Services

Phone:  +1 (412) 374-2362

Cell:  +1 (412) 780-3459




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