RCR Update

RCR Update #2 – Region Conference Wrap-Up

Hello Region G Presidents!
Regional Conference 2009 at the University of Akron was a great success! I am glad that so many of you were able to come and participate. I hope you found it very informative, inspiring, and enjoyable.
I encourage you to check out the Outstanding Collegiate Section award information on the SWE website and start compiling your data. Every section is capable of winning an award, no matter how small or large. Give yourself a great reason to go to the banquet at National Conference in California… win an award! This award packet is due May 31st.
Every collegiate section must submit at least a first draft of bylaws by May 31st or there will be consequences such as rebate withholding initiated. With that said… don’t fret! Most of you will be able to make the necessary edits to the templates in only a few minutes. Then, simply put them to a vote for approval by your section and send them off to bylaws-chair@swe.org with your section name and number in the file name.
The ‘standard collegiate bylaws’ template is what most of you need to use, where you will only have to insert your section identification and a few other changes. There are only 4 main officers listed, but you probably don’t need to add others since they typically are ‘director of _____’ or something like that. Also note that you can’t have two of any officer, such as two Vice Presidents. However, I believe it is permissible to have Vice President of ABC and Vice President of XYZ, as long as ABC doesn’t equal XYZ. Don’t quote me on that, you’ll have to ask the committee chair or something.
The ‘collegiate section bylaws 2′ document contains an explanation of how to go about making large changes to the bylaws template. (It might also be a useful read for those doing only the standard changes.) For instance, if your school has different requirements than SWE, you might need to start a dialogue with the bylaws committee in order to work up a set of bylaws they will agree to.  SWE Communities also has several examples of finished bylaws and other information if you’d like to check that out.
Please put these bylaws on your agenda to wrap up quickly. There are only a handful of our sections who have started the process, even fewer who have completed.
If you have questions about either the conference presentation or the bylaws, email me and I’ll do my best to get you an answer!
Have a lovely week!
–Britney Marie Thompson
Society of Women Engineers
Region G Collegiate Representative
University of Kentucky

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