RCR Update

RCR Update #3 – Bylaws Info

Hello All,
I have the following information to pass along to you from Laura Gimpelson which should help clarify the bylaws process. Please continue to ask questions of myself, Karin, Jessica Rannow, or Laura as you work through this process.
Laura’s Info
1.    Sections that only insert the section number and name into the template can hold a section vote to approve the bylaws and then forward the approved bylaws to the national secretary after inserting the following footer “Section GXXX Approved Bylaws mm/dd/yyyy”.  The national secretary will handle the final processing step and notify the bylaws committee chair when the bylaws have been posted on the SWE Governance document webpage.

2.    If the section changes any part of the bylaws template even to add school required language, then send the draft to bylaws-chair@swe.org.  Do not hold an approval vote!!!  If the bylaws committee has comments, the section will need to address the comments and receive the committee’s approval before the section can approve the draft bylaws.
Britney Marie Thompson
Society of Women Engineers
Region G Collegiate Representative
University of Kentucky

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