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March Hot Topic: Preparing Future Leaders

As one school year ends and another begins, it’s time to start thinking about Officer Elections.  Sure, it’s easy to have a vote at your monthly meeting & elect new officers, but how do you prepare them to successfully lead your SWE section?

This month’s Hot Topic includes a list of tips on how to smoothly transition officers by preparing the future leaders of SWE!

Tips for Sections to Prepare Future Leaders:

  • Put together a mentoring program, and pair upperclass SWE members with some of the freshmen & sophomores.  Whether you are having a formal speaker talk to your group or an informal social event, this will allow SWE members in your section to educate each other through sharing their SWE experiences.
  • Hold leadership retreats or seminars! This might be good to do by having your officers prepare presentations including “General Knowledge of SWE.”  Another idea would be to contact a Collegiate Leadership Coach to set up a time for them to come to your college and present a leadership module for you.  You can contact either Jennifer Vallero ( or Laura Iannacci (
  • Make binders for officers that can be passed down from officer-to-officer. For example, the section treasurer can keep a binder with fundraising letters, accounting information, and application forms to request funding from the University. By transitioning this information, the next Treasurer will have a head start on what they need to fill out for the year!
  • Keep a monthly calendar! For each month, write down general tasks & events that your section usually does for each month. Pass the calendar down to future officers so that they won’t forget anything important. Some examples for the month of “August” would be to start fundraising for national conference, submit your student organization paperwork for SWE, host a membership kick-off event, and to submit Section Report #1 to the RCR!


Region G Events to Prepare Future Leaders:

  • May 30th, 2009 – Region G Leadership Summit; This May, Region G will be hosting its Second Annual Leadership Summit at Ohio University in Athens, OH.  The purpose of this Summit is to train future leaders of SWE – both at the collegiate and professional level.  I would encourage all officers of SWE to attend this event, as it offers valuable training, resources, and networking opportunities that can be taken back to your collegiate section.
  • July 30th – August 1st, 2009 – Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF); This year’s CLF will be held in Chicago, IL.  The FY10 RCR, RCNE, Collegiate Senator, and SWEFLs from Region G will all attend this event, where they will meet with Regional and National Leaders in SWE and with other collegiate representatives from across the country.  This event will provide them with the necessary training, resources, and knowledge of SWE that they will need to carry out their roles in SWE!

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