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April Hot Topic: Preparing to End the SWE Year

If you are a SWE officer, you are probably worrying about finals, training incoming officers of your SWE section, and possibly graduating from college.  To make the officer transition process go smoothly, here are some tips:

+ Hold a “SWE Officer Transition Dinner” – give the incoming officers a chance to ask questions and give the seasoned officers a chance to share their knowledge of SWE with the new officers!

+ Register for the REGION G LEADERSHIP SUMMIT!!!!  This will be an amazing opportunity for new officers to meet members of the Region G Council, to be trained by Collegiate Leadership Coaches, and to share best practices with other collegiate leaders from across the Region!

+ Collect all of the computer files that your officers created or filled out and save them to a flash drive or a CD.  Then, make sure to transfer all of the electronic files to the incoming officers, so that they will have examples of how to fill out Section Reports, Student Organization Registration Forms, Financial Forms, etc!

…Speaking of those Financial Forms, don’t forget that the SWE Annual Report, Financial Forms, and Section Bylaws are due at the END of the SWE Year!


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