RG Update

Governor’s Update: Region G Leadership Summit

To:          Region G Members

From:      Mary Ann Walsh, Govenor, Region G

REGISTER for the Region G Leadership Summit
Saturday – May 30, 2009
Athens, Ohio
Ohio University and Holiday Inn Express

Region G is hosting our 2nd annual Leadership Training Summit on Saturday, May 30, 2009!  The local host for the weekend is Ohio University and the OU Collegiate SWE Section.

The weekend is targeted to all SWE officers and leaders: Section president, Section vice president, Treasurer, Secretary, Section committee chair, Section committee member, Region Officer, Council Representative (COR), Region Collegiate Representative (RCR), Region Collegiate Newsletter Editor (RCNE), Newsletter, Senators, Webmaster, Counselor to Collegiate section, Advisor to Collegiate section, National and Section Committee members.  Registration for the training summit is now OPEN.  Registration is unlimited and Region G will also sponsor the hotel for up to 4 members from each section in Region G (collegiate and professional) to attend this Leadership training weekend!  Section presidents should coordinate which 4 members from the section will receive the sponsored hotel accommodations.

Please register to attend the training by May 23:

via the attached spreadsheet and email to Mary Ann Walsh or Deb MacKay or via Survey Monkey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Kvdxf2ENuJnSi4_2b8T57iag_3d_3d

Please complete Hotel Accommodations by May 8, 2009:

If you are traveling from greater than 3 hours driving distance to Athens, OH and will be arriving on Friday, the region will reimburse you for maximum of 2 nights at the hotel.

All others, with exception of those who live in Athens, OH, will be reimbursed for maximum of one night.  You are requested to share a hotel room.  Reimbursement will be at ½ the hotel room cost for professional members and at ¼ cost for collegiate members.

You must reserve your hotel accommodations directly through the hotel by May 8, 2009.  You will be responsible for any cancellation fees and other charges to the room.

Holiday Inn Express 11 East Park Drive
, Ohio 45701
Phone:  740-592-4640

SWE rate is $65.00/room (+12.75% tax).
The hotel will allow up to 4 names to be listed for the room.

Program :

The program will be listed on the websites and will include training and working sessions covering: SWE officer duties, reporting to SWE, awards and applications, tactical and strategic plans, SWE Region G policy making, Region G website development, and SWE national conference readiness.  Saturday Training will begin around 8:00 am and finish around 4:30 pm.  The weekend also provides the opportunity for all SWE officers and leaders to learn from each other and share best practices; your participation will make the weekend a success.

See the Region G website; Region G Blog and SWE Community, Region G Goings for details and information updates.

Thank you,
Mary Ann Walsh, Governor, Region G


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