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Section Spotlight: University of Louisville Summer Sleepover

The UofL SWE section hosts an annual summer sleepover for the incoming freshmen class. The sleepover allows girls to meet both upperclassmen and girls they will see in their classes. It allows gives the freshman the opportunity to meet and talk to professors and professionals who understand the field they are working in better. This year’s sleepover was very successful! Twenty four girls attended the event; this was the largest number of incoming freshman girls that have attended since the sleepover began. Also, we started a mentor program with the freshman to make their first semester on campus even more successful.

The girls began arriving at four in the afternoon, allowing for early introductions and ice breakers. The ice breakers included a team work game that involved them not talking to each other. Soon after, members from PEACC (Prevention, Education and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community) came to discuss staying safe against violence and assault. At five, a faculty panel discussion began. Members of the panel introduced themselves to the girls and gave them the opportunity to ask questions about their intended field and the upcoming year. This was followed by a small professional panel, which discussed the various work opportunities.

After the panel discussions, dinner was served, giving both the incoming freshman and the upperclassmen the opportunity to get to know each other. After dinner, the mentors introduced themselves to their mentees. All the mentees were really excited about the program.

When dinner ended, the girls participated in a scavenger hunt to get them even more familiar with all of campus. The winning team was awarded gift cards to the movies and boxed candies. Although it took some of the teams a while to finish, everyone finished the activity and was rewarded with popsicles.

Once everyone was cooled off and relaxed from the scavenger hunt, they partook in a maze on a masking tape grid. Each girl had to make it through the maze with the help of everyone else. If a girl chose the wrong direction, she had to go to the end of the line. The game didn’t end until everyone made it through the maze. After these activities, the girls were given a chance to relax with a raffle, movies, and catch phrase.

The next day, the girls woke up early and attended one of two Engineering Calculus classes. They had the option of choosing either calculus II or III. This gave them the opportunity to see what it’s like to be in a college class. The sleepover ended at eleven with goodie bags and more games.

Section: University of Louisville
Event: Freshman Sleepover
Date: July 16-17, 2009

Submitted By: Lindsay Ferguson

One thought on “Section Spotlight: University of Louisville Summer Sleepover

  1. Really proud of all my girls’ hard work. Thanks everyone! And thanks to all the other sections that inspire us with ideas to grow! Yay Region G!

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