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September Hot Topic: Attracting and Retaining Membership

Extra, Extra, Read all about it. The Hot Topic of the Month.  Attracting and Retaining Membership!

Advertise: It’s really important to advertise.  Be creative in your advertising. Facebook, Twitter, friends, teachers, family, creative posters. Do everything you can to promote SWE.

Free Food! Free Items! Auctions! College students love everything that’s free. We are poor and we will take anything that you throw our way. That’s how it works it in the world of college.

Offer Leadership Positions: Give potential leaders more responsibility. When they are given more responsibility, they feel more obligated to the club to more work put into the club. Therefore, you have strong members. These members will bring more of their friends, therefore it grows.

Attract Freshmen! Have a freshman Representative on the Executive Board. If this freshman is enthusiastic about everything, she will bring many people to join. If you have very active freshmen, you are increasing the longevity of the organization

There are many other ideas such as giveaways for being an active member or being present at the general body meetings, subsidizing national memberships, etc. Get creative and get noticed. There are millions of suns and stars in this universe and they are circling around one point and make sure that point is you! Therefore stand out, be positive, and have fun!

If you have more ideas, please email me:


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