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December Hot Topic: Creative Meetings and Rewarding Members

Now that you’re already one semester or one quarter into the school year, you’re probably searching for ideas to keep meeting attendance high in 2010.  Or, if coming up with new and creative meeting ideas for your SWE section is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, then you are in luck!  Below are some creative meeting ideas, suggested by the Region A RCCE:

+ Have Monthly Themes for each monthly General Body Meeting – For example, January could feature a “Welcome back to school meeting”, February could include meetings for the “Month of Love, “National Engineering Month” and “Engineers Week”, March could have a “St. Patrick’s Day Meeting”, April could have a “Spring Time Meeting”, and May could feature a “Stress Relief” meeting for members to take a break from studying for finals!

+ Change up the meeting locations – It’s easy to always meet in one general room to avoid confusions, but try to meet off campus for one meeting, just to mix it up!

+ Switch it up –Have a BACKWARDS MEETING! .sdrawkcab gniteem elohw eht nalP (Plan the whole meeting backwards.) Start with the closing thought and end with your usual introduction.  You can’t beat this way of breaking up the routine of an ordinary meeting.

+ Have a Bring-A-Non-Engineer-Buddy Meeting – Plan for one of your general meetings to allow members to bring a guest who isn’t in engineering.  Consider it a PR kind of thing.

+ Invite a speaker to your meetings – Bring in anyone from a motivational speaker to a professional SWE member who can talk about her job and company!

Since last December’s Hot Topic was “Rewarding Members”, check out the December 2008 post for suggestions on how to reward your members!  If you have any creative meeting suggestions or ideas for how to reward members, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂


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