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February Hot Topic: Getting People Involved When Busy

Because it is nearing the middle of the semester, I’m sure than many sections are struggling to get member participation at SWE meetings and events.  Between classes and studying for midterms, there’s not a lot of spare time for SWE.  Here are a few suggestions of how to get members involved during the busiest times of the year:

+ Host a “Study Break” or “Spa Night” for members – this will give them an opportunity to take a break from studying and relax with their SWE friends!  This can just be a low-key event where friends could gather for movies and popcorn or for a night filled with facials and nail-painting!

+ Host a “Study Night” – with midterms happening now and finals coming in the next few weeks, it may be a good idea to host a SWE Study Session; all you’d need to do is reserve a room on campus for a few hours and bring some study snacks!  If members aren’t willing to take a break from studying to attend SWE events, this is a great alternative to sneak SWE into their study schedules!

+ Survey your members! – Figure out what days and times work well for members and how long they would attend different events.  Also, ask them about what types of events that they would be most likely to attend in busy situations.  If you’re planning social events and your members really want to participate in more outreach activities, you’re not going to have a good turnout of members – especially when they’re busy.  As an option, you could even make the survey anonomous!

+ Think “Out-of-the-Box” – plan meeting activities and SWE events that are out of the ordinary – try an outdoor activity, a work-out or yoga session during a meeting, or an Avon fundraiser for your section (ideas Courtesy of Katherine Gage)! Be creative!


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