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April Hot Topic: Preparing to End the SWE Year

As the semester winds down, here are a few suggestions on how to best end one successful SWE year and transition into another one!

+ Give out SWE Awards – Before your members head home for the summer, make sure to thank them for all of their contributions throughout the year.  A quick “award” ceremony doesn’t require much planning – you can simply incorporate into your final meeting of the year.  And the awards don’t need to be elaborate either – try a keychain and an award certificate printed on cardstock!

+ Hold an officer’s transition meeting – This is a good way to evaluate the “goods” and the “bads” of this past year in your SWE section, AND to pass on all of the good information to future leaders, so that your SWE section will continue to run smoothly in future years.  This doesn’t have to be a formal “meeting”, especially since I’m sure most officers will be busy cramming for finals.  At The University of Akron, we usually go out to lunch or dinner for the Officer’s Transition Meeting, so it is a nice break from studying!

+ Challenge your members to set summer goals in SWE –encourage them to participate a webinar, visit the Region Blog and SWE website once per month, or apply for internships posted on the SWE Career Center, so that they can stay in touch with the wonderful world of SWE!  Another SWE goal suggestion is to start raising money so they can come to the National Conference this November in Orlando, Florida!

+ Challenge your section officers to apply for a section or individual award – wouldn’t it be great to show up at the WE10 Conference in Orlando with an award with your name on it?  Most SWE award applications aren’t due until the end of May, so there’s still time to send one in!


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