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May Hot Topic: How to Utilize SWE in your professional career!

For those of us who are transitioning from Collegiate to Professional this summer, here are some great ways that you can stay connected to SWE as a professional member.

+ Find your nearest SWE section! Or if you can’t find a local section, be sure to register as a Member-At-Large (MAL) in your region.  This will keep you connected with what is happening at SWE at both the regional and national levels.  It will also expand your SWE network to involve professional members who can help you make important career decisions in your future.

+ Use social networking tools!! SWE has a Facebook page, Twitter feed, and mySWE Communities for you to stay connected wherever your career takes you.  Not only that, but many SWE members also have Facebook profiles and/or Linked-In pages, so you can keep in touch with your collegiate SWE friends when you become a professional!

+ Build your SWE Professional Resume – Consider taking on a new role in SWE, either as an officer in a professional section or as a SWE Counselor of a local collegiate section!  This will build on any experience that you gained as collegiate SWE member.  You can also serve as a Collegiate Leadership Coach or on a national SWE committee – the sky’s the limit!

+ Write an article for SWE magazine – want to share your SWE successes with other members, or write about local STEM and outreach programs in your community?  Or do you just want to sharpen your technical writing skills as you head into the professional workforce?  Either way, writing an article for one of SWE’s magazines is a great way to practice your grammar and writing skills as an engineer!

+ Participate in Webinars and Conference!!! SWE offers webinars as well as regional and national conference workshops to help you continue to develop as a professional engineer.  Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to network with other professional SWE members and to build your career skills so that you are an invaluable resource to your company!


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