RCS Update

Update from your RCS!

Hello fellow collegiate SWE members!

I hope that for all of you, your semesters are off to a great start! I am really looking forward to representing your views and opinions this year as a SWE Senator. First, I would like to give you a few details about “What is a SWE Senator?” and then I would like to share some of my SWE goals for this year with you!

1. What is a SWE Senator?

The SWE Senate is responsible for the following:

· Charting the strategic direction of SWE by developing long range goals

· Developing statements of external policy on critical issues and positions

· Voting upon recommendations received from the society

· Approving changes to the society emblem, number of regions, region boundaries, and bylaws.

The SWE senate meets twice in-person; one meeting is at the annual Society Conference and the second meeting is held in early February. The Senate is comprised of 34 voting members; 20 professionals, 2 Members at Large (MALs), 2 International Members, and 10 Collegiates.

SWE Senators are expected to attend Senate meetings, conference calls and training sessions. We are also expected to participate in senate discussions and actively seek the opinions of our respective constituents. As a Region Collegiate Senator (RCS), I am expected to solicit collegiate senators for next year, participate on the Region Collegiate Team (RCT) and communicate with other RCSs!

2. Karin’s SWE Goals:
A) Increase Membership:

As a society, SWE’s goal this year is to reach 21,900 members. I would love to see Region G pass the 1000 Collegiate Member mark. Why? If we are able to get 1000 collegiate members this year, we will gain another collegiate representative for our region. Not only that, but we will be able to share the benefits of SWE membership with more of our peers in Region G! I think a great way to increase membership this year, is to promote the Collegiate to Career Membership program. For more information on this program, check out:


B) Improve Inter-Region Communications:

I hope to work closely this year with your RCR, Emily, and RCCE, Lindsey, along with your Region Collegiate Team to improve our communication strategy. As a region, I want us to be well-connected, so that I can best represent your views to the SWE Senate!

If you have any questions for me or would like more information about the role of the SWE Senator, please leave a comment on this post, or email me at karinbodnar@gmail.com!

Looking forward to a SWE-et year,

Karin Bodnar
FY11 SWE Region G Senator

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