Featured Members / RCR Update

RCR Update-Featured Sections!

Thank you to all the sections who turned in their first section reports for FY11!  It was great to read about what all the various sections in Region G have been up to.  I wanted to highlight a few sections and give recognition to some of the great work that is going on within the region! Here are some excerpts from a few of the section reports. 🙂

I was excited to read about a fellow Region G member who will be presenting at the annual conference this year!

Cleveland State University-” Maria Baker, our collegiate section president for last year, was selected to feature her popular presentation known as the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Bet,” at the SWE 10 Annual Conference for Women Engineers. Not only are we proud to have her represent our collegiate section at a national

conference, but this is the first time that a representative from our section will be featured as a guest speaker at the Society of Women Engineer’s Annual Conference.”

** Make sure to check out Maria at the annual conference! Here’s the link to WE10 that talks about when she’ll be presenting!


University of Akron has aims for diversifying their SWE section by focusing on attracting more graduate students to get involved.  They have created a graduate student committee aimed at increasing grad student involvement!

University of Pittsburgh- “SWEepover: We are currently planning our fourth annual SWEepover for the coming spring semester.  We’re excited to report that many of the high school students that participated in last year’s SWEepover have become official Pitt SWE members at the beginning of the school year!  The concept behind the SWEepover is it gives prospective students a chance to visit University of Pittsburgh and learn more about what it means to be a female freshman engineering student.  This is accomplished by allowing students to stay overnight in a freshmen dorm with a SWE member.”

Robert Morris University “We had only two members three years ago. Last semester, we had fourteen active members, which excludes only a few female engineering students at Robert Morris. We have also recruited two male members who participate in all events! In the past two years, membership and participation have increased tremendously. This semester, we had 21 students show interest in joining SWE.

Great job, sections!

**If your section has any successful events or activities planned for the year…share them! Send an e-mail with a blurb about what you’re section is doing along with a picture to rcce-g@swe.org!




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