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October HOT TOPIC: Making the Most of SWE Resources

SWE is more than a group of wonderful women, it’s a resource. It provides many ways to help you succeed…if you choose to utilize them. The following is a compiled list of tools SWE provides:

  • Region Blog of course
  • Contact your CLCC (their contact information is on the “Meet Your Collegiate Team” page) and they can come to your section to help you guys out
  • Contact your Professional Section, they know more about being an engineer than anyone
  • Scholarships, either from your section or from nationals
  • WE10 Annual Conference. You should attend the Region Meeting, Collegiate leaders meeting, and the Career fair
  • Local Sections. No one will understand you more than your fellow SWE collegiates and you can share best practices
  • SWE National website even though it may be a little confusing.
  • On the national website, check out the SWE Communities. You will need you SWE username and password, but it’s worth it to find out from your advisor if you forgot. Major ones to visit or become a part of are: SWE Money, SWE Region & Section Resources, Communications Resources, Governance Documents – bylaws, and SWE Main

You are paying for these resources, SO USE THEM!


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