Region G News

Get more Involved with your Region!


You ever wanted to actually be a part of something more than your section? Here is a way to be more involved, but not too involved…join the Region G Nominating Committee. The Region G Nominating committee is seeking members to help for FY11. They would ideally like at least 1 representative from each section/MAL and 1-3 collegiate members (that’s where you guys come in).

What does the Region Nominating Committee do:

  • Helps educate the Region on Local, Region and National leadership opportunities
  • Seeks qualified candidates for Regional Offices – Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, Senators, and Nominating Committee Chair
  • Reviews Region Officer Applications
  • Leads the Region Leadership Pipeline Effort


  • Member of SWE
  • Not interested in running for the Region Officer Position in FY12 (June 2011-June 2012/13 depending on position)
  • Willing to work with team from across the region

If interested:

Contact Pam Snyder at or cell 585-967-7198. They will try to get all interested members together at National conference as well as plan a conference call in November after conference.


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