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November HOT TOPIC: Societal Involvement outside of your collegiate section

Hello Ladies,

There is a bigger SWE world than your section. Now that the year is coming to an end, make it your New Years SWE goal to become more involved outside of your college bubble. The following are some opportunities:

Region G Conference: Attend our wonderful conference which will be held at The Ohio State University on February 18th-20th. Most likely your section will pay for you to go and you get to learn about events in the region. You will meet so many new people and our professionals. There will also be speakers available who will talk about interesting and important topics.

Elected Positions: Besides your section positions, there are regional postions too. They are RCR, RCCE, RCS, and SWEFLs. If you want to know more about these positions, please feel free to email any of us. Our emails can be found on the “Meet Our Region Collegiate Team” page found on the homepage. Also, if you go to Region Conference, then you can meet us in person 🙂

Annual Conference: If you like Region Conference, then you will LOVE Annual Conference. It’s one of the largest meetings you will ever attend. There is so much to do at conference, like the Career Fair (a few girls from my section were offered 3 to 4 co-op positions on the spot), SME Bowl, speakers, meeting professionals (who would love to get your contact information), and much, much more. This upcoming year will be held in Chicago so it’s only a driving length away.

Meeting Professionals: There is a secret resource: professionals. They are wonderful and will help you with anything. Try having an event to meet them, like a professional dinner or mock interviews. You never know who could get you a job in the future.

Try these suggestions and get the most out of SWE!!




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