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December HOT TOPIC: Keeping Members Excited About SWE

It’s that time of the year where everything is exciting: holidays, new year, time off. Let’s keep the excitement rolling with SWE. These following ideas will help start off the New Year right:

Creating & maintaing a connection with new members: Simply just talk to them and include them. Maybe try an overnight bonding event like a girls movie and game night.

Highlight membership benefits: SWE offers more than just networking and fun. Emphasize benefits like the Kaplan discount, lower conference rates, SWE magazine, online career center, and webinars.

Rewarding Members: Create a Point System and give out awards and prizes. If possible, give out Scholarships to deserving members. Maybe even hold a fun raffle!

Program for all types of members: You need to appeal to every type of member in order to keep them involved with your section. For Freshmen hold fun events, mentoring, and offer course suggestions. For Sophomores and Juniors give internship advice and have resume reviews. For Seniors give job search advice, starting out advice from professional members, and info on job vs graduate programs. And for Grad students give research and grant info and professional networking.

Creative meetings: Cover business and do something fun as well. Provide food (we’re college students)

Different types of meetings/events: Make sure that you are not doing the same thing each time, that’s boring. Alternate between social, outreach, community service, professional development, and tours (if able).

Different ways to publicize and market events & meetings: I feel the best way to communicate is through Facebook (we’re always on this site between studying). Other ways are through flyers, Twitter, and e-mails. For e-mails, make sure that you make them easy to read and have an opt out statement. Maybe consider starting weekly or monthly emails with events/details.

Hope this information helps!

Lindsey Montanari


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