Region G News / Section Spotlight

Success at OSU!

Hi SWEsters!

Our section at the Ohio State University just wanted to take this opportunity to share a new event we tried this year. Back in October, we took a trip to the OSU Center for Automobile Research (CAR) to learn the basic skills of how to take care of our cars. In just about two hours, all of us learned how to jump a car, change a tire, test the tire pressure, change the oil and read different gauges on several cars. We also had the opportunity to tour the research facility and learn about a variety of different mechanical/car related activities on campus. In addition to this, the girls who drove us to CAR allowed their cars to be the test cars for the tire and oil changing; thus they got free maintenance on their cars! And, of course, we all had pizza and hung out with the people at the research center afterwards.

This turned out to be one of our most successful events of the first quarter. Other than our general meeting, this was our most attended event so far this year! We had a lot of positive feedback on it and multiple girls express that they would love to do this event next year. If anyone is looking for a new, fun, educative event to try, we would highly recommend something similar to our CAR event!

Also, when you come to OSU this February for the Regional Conference, we will have an event very similar to the CAR event as one of our optional tours! If the event above sounds like fun to you, be sure to sign up! We’re really excited to see all of you at the conference!

Have a happy New Year!



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