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February HOT TOPIC:Preparing future leaders

“The Children are our future”…well they may not be children, but younger members are our future in SWE. Preparing them to take your positions as leaders is pertinent to the success of SWE. There are many ways to encourage them to take the next step.

  • Let them know that you appreciate them: Recognition is key. Also, you should tell them that you have confidence in them. This will make them feel important and needed.
  • Give them small tasks: Distributing small tasks to them will give them something to do. If they can complete these tasks, then you can judge if they will able to take on more in the future. Plus, they will want to be more involved.
  • Encourage them to run for section positions: You will need these positions filled, so who better to fill them than future leaders.
  • Passing down knowledge: Future leaders will need to know what to do in important positions. Maybe invite them to observe stuff they will need to do in the future.
  • SWEFL program: If you can’t guess, SWEFL is a SWE future leader (clever, right?). These students are women or men who display great leadership skills and show enthusiasm. Encourage them to join the SWEFL program where they will learn more about the society and it’s positions.
  • Bringing them to conferences: This is where I became interested in becoming involved Regionally. So much happens at conference like networking, seminars, and a mini career fair. Exposing them to this environment will help them develop more as a SWE leader.

Hope this information helps you and hope to see your future leaders at Conference!

Lindsey Montanari

Region G RCCE FY11



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