Region G News / RG Update

2011 Region G Awards

We would like to congratulate all of the sections and the individual who have received awards at the 2nd annual Region G Awards Ceremony held on Saturday, February 19, 2011!

Achieving Collegiate Section Silver: University of Pittsburgh

Achieving Collegiate Section Silver: University of Akron

Achieving Collegiate Section Silver: The Pennsylvania State University

Aspiring Professional Section: Pittsburgh

Aspiring Professional Section – Honorable Mention: South Ohio

Aspiring Program Award: The Ohio State University

Aspiring Program Award: The Ohio State University

Aspiring Program Award: The University of Akron

Advancing Leader Award: Karin Bodnar

Region G Section Membership Retention and Growth

  • Collegiate Section:  G068-Youngstown State
  • Professional Section:  G004 – Pittsburgh

Region G Section Charter Anniversary Recognition

  • 30 year:  G068 Youngstown State University (Charter date:  3/29/81)

Region G Membership Anniversary Recognition

Region G Members in good standing are recognized on the anniversary of their join date to SWE.  The join date will be that contained in the online directory SWE database.  Recognition will be at 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, etc. years of membership.  The following Region G SWE members are recognized:

5 year Anniversary:

Cara Adams 

Melissa Ann Bartel

Virginia Mae Brandt

Nicole Reann Brostowitz

Dana C. Bruck

Sheri Lynn Campbell

Elizabeth B. Cox

Kenya Crosson

Diane Elizabeth Darak

Alexandra DeFazio

Ruchi Jayesh Desai

Hilda Diamond

Hannah S. Driscoll

Renata S. Engel PE

Stacey Ann Espinosa

Karen E. Etter

Kimberly Williams Fox

Allison Lynn Gabriel

Amy Marie Long

Ashley Michelle Mahler

Susan S. McGovern

Cheryl McKay

Danielle Nicole Meienburg

Michele Marie Parrish

Chitra P. Rajagopal

Laura Sullivan Riegel

Paul C. Riley

Jeannie M. Rinckel

Sherry Graber Roth

Stephanie Rose Salas-Snyder

Bruce A. Sanderson

Paula W. Sevigny

Katherine A. Slayback

Alexzandra Joan Spatholt

Stephanie Krystle Stone

Chrysa Theodore

Iliana M Vazquez

Sharon M. Vuong

Melissa Marie Wilson

Grier Lauren Wilt

10 Year Anniversary:

Brooke M. Borek

Kara Lynn Hall

Sara Beth Kelley

Christine L. Shorokey

Kelly L. Treat

25 Year Anniversary:

Lynne C. Hannen

Lisa A. Ketron Kifer

Claudia V. Kropas-Hughes

Ruthann L. Omer PE

Leonora R. Roth

30 Year Anniversary:

Gail P. Forest

40 Year Anniversary:

Sandra M. Price PE

60 Year Anniversary:

Stephanie A. Balik

Without the dedicated effort of members of Region G, this awards and recognition program would not be possible.  We would like to recognize the following SWE members for supporting the program by serving on the Region G Awards and Recognition Committee.

  • Virginia Brandt, Committee Chair
  • Miranda Oaks
  • Mary Ann Walsh
  • Litha Sivanandan
  • Tracey Wortham
  • Angie Triplett
  • Mary Zeis
  • Cindi Reid
  • Katie Smith
  • Elizabeth Martindell


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