Section Spotlight

OSU’s New Girl Scout Event Article from Laura Reisenauer

Hi Everyone!

Our section at The Ohio State University wanted to thank everyone who came to Regionals back in February. We hope that you enjoyed your stay at OSU as much as we enjoyed being your hostesses! We’re all looking forward to seeing all of you again next year in Cincinnati when UC hosts Regionals!

We also wanted to take this opportunity to share a successful new Girl Scout Event that we held in March. This outreach event helped Junior Girl Scouts learn what engineering is. The event emphasized teaching girls about green design.

The event started out with short, fun presentations by a couple of our members and y a professional SWE member from an environmental consulting firm in the Columbus area, Inaas Darrat, who also serves as our section counselor. The presenters told the girls what it is that engineers actually do and how green engineering could be used to help the environment. Then we sent the girls out on scavenger hunt to find ways in which our union had been designed to be environmentally friendly.

The girls all had a blast discovering how large windows increase natural lighting and decrease energy usage for lighting, that all of the forks used in the cafeteria were actually made of recycled plastic and how sinks that automatically turn off can save water! All of the girls then had the opportunity to design their own green houses. They were all really creative! Their houses had tons of green features, some of which we had never thought of before! There were large windows, solar panels, wind turbines, gardens, water falling off roofs and powering water wheels, doors that you had to open manually but would automatically close behind you to save heat and home owners that didn’t shave because they wanted to save water.

If your section is looking for new ideas for outreach ideas, you may consider trying something similar to this event. All of us really enjoyed working with the Girl Scouts; and we received requests to do something similar in the future. We would also love to hear more ideas on outreach and more about current outreach programs in other sections. Please post a blog so that we can learn more about this!



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