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April HOT TOPIC: Planning for the year ahead

By now, everyone has elected new officers. Here are a few tips for the year ahead of you.

Transitioning:  Try and hold transition meetings, maybe a few over the summer that so you can be prepared for the Fall semester. Some things to do in these meetings are to pass on binders, club contacts, needed passwords, and school/section process info (bank account, mail, etc.) to the respected officers.

Important Documents: Make sure that your incoming officers know about the annual and financial reports and how to submit them. Also make sure that they know about SWE bylaws and IRS requirements.

Planning: Plan, plan, plan for the year ahead. Planning helps the new officers’ jobs easier. Go over what worked well and what didn’t, new events, new officer structure, and highlight different officer structures and positions. Also plan for Annual Conference like booking hotels (you can cancel, so don’t worry), look into transport options, collegiate promotions, and volunteering (have someone monitor website throughout the summer).

Also, if your section is having trouble with organizing or programming, talk to our CLCC (you can find their contact information on our “Meet Our Region Collegiate Team” page on the homepage).

One thought on “April HOT TOPIC: Planning for the year ahead

  1. Another great way to help make travel to the annual conference more feasible is to have your members who are interested in attending conference submit an application for the Collegiate Poster Competition. The top ten competitors in each category (undergrad and grad student) present a poster at conference. All 20 finalists will receive a $250 travel stipend to attend National conference, FREE Collegiate Member registration, and 1 ticket to the Celebrate SWE! Awards Banquet.
    For more information follow the link:

    Or just go to collegiat competitions under awards and competitions on the SWE website.

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