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October Hot Topic: Overcoming Fear

Many times, the fear or failure or rejections stops us or slows us down from achieving the goals, we so strongly desire to reach. However, if we do our best to prepare for the events/situations that we fear, we are more likely to excel in life and our careers.  For as Paulo Coelho said in his best-selling book The Alchemist, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the events that often intimidate or slow us down on our journey to professional careers in engineering. For full explanation, please click on the link below each heading.


10 Essential Networking Tips for Engineers

1. Never Make Assumptions

2. Relax

3. Listen More Than You Talk

4. Find a Common Interest

5. Be Impressive

6. Make a Graceful Exit

7. Follow Through

8. Personal Touch

9. Harvest

10. Become a Resource

Resume Writing:

Resume Tips for Engineers – Samples Available!

Information about:

1. Background

2. Resume Format

3. Objective vs. Summary

4. Put the Most Important Information First

5. Add a Project List

6. Use Power (Buzz) Words

7. Make Absolutely Sure There Are No Errors

8.  Find a Balance Between Wordiness and Lack of Details

9.  PDF vs. Word Format

10. Think of Accomplishments Rather Than Job Duties

11. Sell the Benefits of Your Skills

12. Keep it Positive


Interview Tips for Engineers

Know what to expect, make a good second (third) impression, be prepared, and know what’s next.


1. Know the Company

2. Know Yourself

3. Mind You Manners

4. Be Detailed

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