Research & Grants

Kansas State University NSF IGERT Program

National Science Foundation Program Opportunity:

The K-State NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) Program is open to Ph.D. seeking students who are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Grain Science, and Sociology. Some of these departments will allow you to pursue your Ph.D. after you complete your baccalaureate degree.  IGERT trainees are organized within interdisciplinary core teams working toward solutions of bioenergy-related problems that integrate technological, agroenvironmental, and socioeconomical issues. This mode of multidisciplinary interaction is central to IGERT program. Our IGERT team has created a highly integrated network of researchers focusing on the complex issues of sustainable bioenergy production.

Every student in the program will receive a $30,000 annual stipend plus a $10,500 annual cost-of-education allowance which covers tuition, fees, and health insurance, as well as international travel and travel to professional conferences.

Organized IGERT opportunities include:

  • Mentoring of UG research students
  • International travel and study
  • Presentations at local, national, and international conferences
  • Field experiences to learn about the aspects of biorefining which may be unknown to you
  • Specialized topical courses
  • And more

Our goal is provide a program which augments your learning experience without adding additional requirements.

Our IGERT website is:, to inquire to our program please complete our on-line inquiry form here:

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