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Conference Update!

Hello SWE Region G Collegiate Sections:
It’s that time of year to submit bids for hosting the 2013 Region G Conference!  The 2012 Region G Conference will be hosted by the University of Cincinnati on March 2-4, 2012 where we will decide on the location of the 2013 conference.
Hosting a SWE Regional Conference is a great opportunity for professional and collegiate sections as well as MAL’s to feature their SWE leadership, engineering community, and hometown charm.  It can even be a fundraising event for your section!  In the past Region G conferences have been attended by over 200 members from multiple SWE regions.
The following schedule outlines the bid submittal and selection process:
Bid Process Deadlines:
         ·         February 6 – Bid Presentations & Cover Sheet due to Governor at

·         February 15 – Governor returns Bid Presentations & Cover Sheet with comments

         ·         February 29 – Final Bid Presentations & Cover Sheet due to Governor
         ·         March 3 – Bid presentations presented at Region Conference in Cincinnati during the Joint Meeting.
The Bid Presentation Guidelines are posted on the Region G Community under Resources are found at the blog’s collegiate resource center.  For questions please contact Jessica Rannow at .
I hope you get inspired by the great SWE members that have hosted Region G Conferences!  Hosting a SWE Region G Conference is a great and rewarding leadership opportunity.  So go ahead and get your support group together and send your 2013 Region G Conference bid presentation!
We look forward to receiving your bids and selecting our next conference location!
Thank you!

Jessica Rannow
Society of Women Engineers Region G Governor


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