Region G News

Great Job SWEsters!

Great news on the SWE membership numbers!   

We are just short of hitting our professional membership number from last year.  We are down just 16 members from where we were at the end of last fiscal year (June 2011).  The cost for SWE membership drops in half for the second half of the year so encourage members to sign up and renew now.  
We are up over 12% on our collegiate members from the end of last SWE fiscal year (June 2011) already.  Also, since we are over 1,000 collegiate members, Region G will be able to elect 2 RCRs next year!    Carnegie Mellon, Penn State-Erie, Toledo and West Virginia have been doing a great job signing up new members and have doubled, tripled, or even increased more the size of their sections!  Our newest section, Marietta College, has grown quite a bit to 18 members which is a great start for their school.  
Please pass on this good news to your sections.

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