Region G Collegiate Leaders Still Needed!!

Region G is still looking for candidates for the Region Collegiate Senator and the Region Collegiate Representative positions!  If you are interested, please apply using the link below and contact our region governor Jessica Rannow at governor-g@swe.org with your intent to apply.  Thanks!

Are you interested in taking your SWE leadership to the next level? Do you want to make a difference in programs for collegiate members or assist in developing the strategic direction of SWE in the Senate; this is your opportunity to apply! You could be your region’s next Region CollegiateRepresentative (RCR), Region Collegiate Communication Editor (RCCE) or Region Collegiate Senator (RCS).

Region Collegiate Representatives and Region Collegiate Communications Editor: The RCR is responsible for representing collegiate members’ interests among regional leaders. The RCCE is responsible for communicating important SWE events and best practices through the region’s blog. Plus, the RCR(s) and RCCE from each region will have the opportunity to attend next summer’sCollegiate Leadership Forum in Minneapolis, MN. Click here to learn more about the positions.

Region Collegiate Senators: The RCS is responsible for chartering the strategic direction and adopting long-range goals for the Society. The alternate RCS is responsible for fulfilling her Senator’s duties if the Senator is unable to perform her tasks. The RCS from each region will also have the opportunity to attend next summer’s Collegiate Leadership Forum in Minneapolis, MN. Click here to learn more about the positions.

The RCR, RCCE and RCS positions provide invaluable interaction and coaching from SWE leaders. These leadership opportunities sharpen your career skill-set in the areas of leading and facilitation, group dynamics and communication, and project leadership. Click here to review the RCR/RCCE/RCS Qualifications.

Please click here to apply or copy and paste the following URL in your browser:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fy13_rcr_rcce_rcs_appl

  • To apply you will need:
  • Member number
  • Section/Region
  • School and Permanent Address
  • Position of interest
  • SWE leadership positions
  • Other leadership positions
  • Why you want to be RCR/RCCE/RCS
  • What you bring to the RCR/RCCE/RCS position
  • What SWE means to you
  • Interest outside of SWE
  • Reference to confirm GPA/academic standing

Please also submit a 1-3 minute video that describes why you are running for the position, your name, year in school, major, SWE leadership experience, why people should vote for you, etc. Send the video to SWE.Collegiate.Elections@gmail.com by February 5, 2012 . Note that the video does not need to be submitted with the Survey Monkey application but does need to be emailed before the deadline. The video must be high enough quality to post on YouTube and should be under 25MB.


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