Benefits of Being a Regional Leader

Running for RCR/RCCE/RCS – Benefits!

To help promote the positions, Jessica Kiefer and Jasmine Harris (RCR/RCCE Coordinators) have put together a list of benefits that holding a regional position offers:

  • The opportunity to travel to somewhere fun during summer (most expenses paid!) and receive leadership training.
  • Meet the President of SWE, Board of Directors, and lots of other important people who have been involved for years.
  • Network with other collegiate leaders outside your section and make friends that will last for years (we still regularly meet up with our old RCR/RCCE friends each year at conference).
  • Become a better public speaker by giving several presentations
  • Learn about SWE’s mission and apply it to help struggling sections across the Region. You’ll learn to deal with difficult situations and help solve conflict.

Below is Jessica and Jasmine giving a presentation in front of 500 college students at a SWE luncheon


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