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Sign up to Judge SWE Upperclass and Graduate Student Scholarship Applications


It’s time for judging scholarship applications and we again need your help to make this year’s scholarship program a success.  It is through your generosity judging scholarship applications that young women are fulfilling their dreams of becoming engineers and making significant contributions to society.  Many of you have volunteered to judge more than once and 80% told us you would be willing to judge again. We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation.  Thank you!


In 2011, SWE received 1,300 sophomore – graduate student applications and awarded 156 scholarships worth $475,000.  We expect 2012 to be similar.

Please volunteer to judge this year’s applications by Feb 26th for judging between March 1-22.


We will provide updated training via webinar including expanded instructions to simplify the GPA Verification portion of the process.  Our goal is to assign 20 applications to each judge, but we will not have a final count until the last week of February.


If you have found judging scholarships to be a rewarding experience and think other SWE members would also appreciate this opportunity, please extend a personal invitation to them.  If you want to do so via social media or email, there are many options for sharing from the All Together article.  Follow this link and click on Share in the lower right hand corner.

To participate in judging, you can sign up here. Please contact me or Marcia Lampela, HQ scholarship committee liaison, with any questions.


Miranda (Oaks) Wantland

SWE FY12 Scholarship Committee Chair


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