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Etsy Grants for attending Hacker School this summer in NYC!

In conjunction with Hacker School, Etsy has announced a new scholarship and sponsorship program for women in technology: they’ll be hosting the summer 2012 session of Hacker School in the Etsy headquarters, and providing ten Etsy Hacker Grants of $5,000 each — a total of $50,000 — to women who want to join but need financial support to do so.  The goal is to bring 20 women to New York to participate.
Hacker School is a New York-based project described by its founders (David Albert, Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock, and Sonali Sridhar) as “a three-month, immersive school for becoming a better programmer. It’s like a writers’ retreat for hackers.”
Learn about the Etsy Hacker Grants here:
Apply for Hacker School here:
For information on why Etsy is sponsoring this, check out the blog of their VP of Engineering:

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