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April Hot Topic: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well everyone, spring semester/quarter is wrapping up. The sun is beginning to shine (in between spouts of 40 *F weather for us Ohioans) and most of us probably can’t wait to finish up classes so we can start something new. I’m sure many of us are getting hit with a lot of final projects and exams so below I’ve posted some ways to get through the next month or two.

1. Go on a walk outside alone. Don’t do anything – just think.

2. Try to imagine how you might actually use the knowledge your learning. Think of future applications.

3. Try a new food. Maybe something ethnic?

4. Bake or cook something by yourself or with friends.

5. Do something crafty. As engineers, we spend a lot of time working problems and reading books. Try something relaxing like coloring or painting.

6. Make time for friends. It’s easy to get wrapped up in school work. Take a little time each week for social events and building relationships.

7. Help someone. Helping others is always rewarding and a good way to feel good about yourself if coursework is frustrating you.

8. Make or remind yourself of goals for the next year.

9. Watch the Big Bang Theory. It is entertainment you don’t have to feel guilty about because it’s intellectual :p

10. Share how SWE has helped you through your academic year. Send them to and I’ll make a list of them in my final post!


Hope these tips help you all out! Enjoy the nice weather 🙂


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