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The Beginning


Hello All! Welcome to the SWE Region G blog as run by your new FY 13 Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)! To get started, my name is Amanda Thorp, and I am going to be a senior chemical engineering student at West Virginia University. Not only will I be Region G RCCE, but I will  be serving as WVU Section President as well. Besides school, I enjoy volunteering with student organizations, traveling, reading, and water sports.

Some personal goals I have for this year include graduating with above a 3.5 GPA and competing in a Tough Mudder/Warrior Dash-esque competition. Some goals I have for our section include having 100% retained membership, sending all executive officers to Houston, and sending at least ten girls to Regional Conference in the spring. Although I’ve attended a few Leadership Summits/Regional Conference, I have never attended the National Conference. Needless to say, I’m very excited to go to Houston. As for the Region, I’d like to increase awareness about the blog and SWE beyond the collegiate sections, to increase the number of blog postings and hits, increase joint activities amongst the sections, improve the blog aesthetically, and spotlight something about each active club in the blog.

Now that’s enough about me, here’s some things going on with all of you!

Some Points of Order:

  • Don’t forget Annual (June 30th) and Financial Reports (July 31st) are due/have been due to HQ. Also, now is a good time to do your IRS postcards. All of this needs to be completed in order to get your rebate checks.
  • Region G Nominating Committee: A committee member from each of the 6 professional sections and a MAL member along with a committee chair.  The main responsibility of the committee for FY13 will be to the fill the positions of Governor, Lt Governor, and Senator to be elected in March 2013.   The committee also works on the region leadership pipeline to identify and provide coaching to potential region and Society level leaders throughout their SWE careers.   The work of the committee is done by phone and email so it is a position that can be flexible to the schedule of the team. If interested, contact Jessica Rannow at jessica.rannow@gmail.com
  • Membership renewals: renew or members will be dropped on September 30th
  • CLCC Changes: please see below for details of the transition and for awareness of the coaching team
  • Leadership Summit Registration: A word from Jessica Rannow, Region G Governor
Hello Region G! 

The 5th annual SWE Region G Leadership Summit will be held on August 25, 2012 from 8am to 4pm in Columbus, Ohio at the Hilton Garden Inn-University Area!   Registration is now open at:

Wondering what happens at the LeadershipSummit?   
  • Section goal setting – match your section goals to region and national strategic plans
  • Leadership Coaching sessions are presented to train and educate attendees 
  • Region council meets to work on region goals and procedures
  • Best-practice sharing and networking among all sections in the region.  
  • Time for Collegiate sections to work with the Professional sections in their area to plan joint events & mentoring relationships
  • Discussion on the Leadership Pipeline process
    • RegionG senators receive feedback on mega issues and other information for the upcoming SWE Senate meeting at the Society Conference
  • Opportunity to work on section bylaws and receive feedback
  • It is great strategic planning and SWE educational summit for your sections!
Four leaders per section are funded by the region to attend the conference along with the region officers, senators, and region committee chairs.  Region professional and collegiate officers and region committee chairs are not included in the four members per section total as they are expected to attend on behalf of the region.  Any additional leaders (over the four) may attend at the section’s expense if space is available.  Leaders include the executive council, committee chairs, and anyone who you think will help plan the strategic direction of your section and region.   Up to four MALs also may attend at the region’s expense.  
Running the region summit is not an inexpensive endeavor.  In order to help offset some of the meal expenses, the region council last year voted to add a payment for attendence.  It will be $20 for professional members and $5 for collegiate members.   Eventbrite is handling the registration process and will charge a fee for using credit cards.

Please select if you will be saying in the summit hotel on Friday and/or Saturday night.  Your hotel reservation will be made along with your summit registration.  You will be assigned roommates from your own section and possibly with another section if you do not fill the room.  As with the region travel policy, up to 4 collegiate members will be in a room and up to 2 professional members.  If you desire to have less people in your room (i.e. a single room), you will need to pay the difference (i.e. – 1/2 the room cost for a professional) on your own.  Please note any roommate requests in your registration.

All attendees besides those residing in the Columbus area are eligible to stay in the hotel on Friday night at the region’s expense.  Members who live over 3 hours away or those with Sunday flights are eligible to stay another night on Saturday at the region’s expense.  

All attendees are encouraged to attend a pre-summit activity on Friday evening.   More information will be available closer to the summit date.

If you are not staying in the hotel, you will need to be at the conference by 8am on Saturday, August 25.   Breakfast and lunch will be included at with the summit.   

If you need any travel information or special accommodations, please let me know. 

I’m very excited to have another successful summit in 2012 and can’t wait to have you be part of it!

Thanks! – Jessica


CLCC Changes for Region G for FY13

I’m excited to announce that the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC) team for Region G is undergoing some changes in the upcoming fiscal year. We are thrilled to be adding Samantha Krueger to our team, bringing a local CLCC presence to the southern portion of our region; and Alison Moscarillo will be stepping into the team lead role for our region. As we look forward to the upcoming Region Summit in August to kick off our fiscal year, we hope that you will continue to recognize our team as a free resource for both individual and section training and counseling. This past year has been one of great accomplishment for our Region, and I look forward to seeing the great things that the upcoming year has in store for us.

Region G FY13 CLCC Team:

Team Lead: Alison Moscarillo

Email: Alison.moscarillo@gmail.com

Bio: Alison Moscarillo graduated from the University of Toledo in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering. In her undergraduate career she served as section president for 2 years and has been serving as a Region G Collegiate Leadership Coach since 2010. Alison is currently working for Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation at Bettis Laboratory in Pittsburgh, PA. Alison is excited to be remaining in the region and taking on her new role as Region G Collegiate Leadership Coach Lead. In the past two years, Alison has co-presented at the society conference twice and cannot wait to continue reaching out to collegiates throughout Region G and the society.

Team Member: Tabitha Voytek

Email: Tabitha.voytek@gmail.com

Bio: Tabitha Voytek is a PhD student in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, PA. Her thesis work is with Dr. Jeffrey Peterson in Observational Cosmology, where she is building and using radio telescopes to measure the Hydrogen 21-cm signal. She received her BSc in Engineering Physics from the University of the Pacific, where she first became involved in SWE. Tabitha has been actively involved in SWE, both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student. As an undergraduate, Tabitha has served as section president at the University of the Pacific and as a Collegiate Leadership Coach (CLCC). Now in graduate school, Tabitha continues her work with the CLCC, serves on the graduate student committee at the CMU collegiate section, and is the FY13 Graduate Member Coordinator for SWE.  Tabitha’s favorite part of being in SWE is all of the amazing friends and connections that she has been able to build over the years.

Team Member: Samantha Krueger

Email: Samantha.r.krueger@gmail.com

Bio: Samantha Krueger is currently working towards a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati with an expected graduation in 2014. She has participated in SWE since her freshman year, serving as social events co-chair her sophomore year and UC SWE President her third year. Outside of SWE Samantha participates in Edge House Campus Ministry as the volunteer chair and works as an engineering co-op at the General Cable Corporation. 



It’s the job that’s never started that takes longest to finish.

J. R. R. TOLKIEN, The Fellowship of the Ring


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