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Celebrate SWE! Region Photo Scavenger Hunt

Part of the Celebrate SWE! festivities include a photo scavenger hunt. We did one of these at CLF, and it was a lot of fun!

The list is FY13 Celebrate SWE List A

If you have any of these photos or would like to do one, please let a member of the RCT know!

Sarah Watzman (

Amanda Thorp (

Jessica Rannow (

The West Virginia University Section completed #8 “Photo of a Male SWE Member.” Their Faculty Advisor, Dr. John Zondlo has been the advisor of both SWE and NSBE for many years! Two male members of the section (Jonny Rifici and Joe Chada) are pictured as well. Congratulations to these men for supporting inclusion and diversity! Bonus points for having professional and collegiate members!


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