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October Hot Topic: SWEet Social

October is the perfect time for a social SWE activity. The hustle and bustle of the beginning of the school year is over and it’s often “the calm before the storm” of projects, presentations, and of course finals (ew). Don’t get me wrong, SWE is all about outreach and professional development and networking, but it’s also important to have some fun! Don’t forget to invite your professionals and “sister” organizations, like NSBE and SHPE.

It’s easy to plan some activities in October, especially with Halloween in mind. Some options include:

  • There are also plenty of ways to incorporate some community service as well:
  • Reverse Trick-or-Treating at a children’s hospital (check with dietary restrictions, might want to pass out small toys or activities rather than candy)
  • Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF

  • Community clean up after Trick-or-Treat

Or make your own Halloween-themed party including or in conjunction with some of the above activities. Serve candy, treats, and hot apple cider. Yum 🙂

Remember, regardless of what activities you do, remember to stay safe. Use the buddy system, and make sure that members have a way to get home at the end of the night…especially with respect to some of these late-night events (until 3am!). It might be nice to book accommodations or arrange transportation so exhausted members don’t have to drive home after a tiring (but fun-filled) day.


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