Section Spotlight

Section Spotlight: WVU Murder Mystery Lunch

Written by WVU Section Vice-President: Britta McCombie

Does “Colonel Mustard did it in the Conservatory with the revolver” sound familiar to you? This is a saying that takes place in the boardgame, Clue, when a player feels that they have determined the suspect, room and weapon of the crime. The WVU Section of the Society of Women Engineers made this game into a real life stage when they held the event, Murder Mystery Lunch. Several area girl scouts came to the Engineering Sciences Building at WVU to see if they could solve a worldwide “crime.” The girls traveled to different stations, each representing a country. They participated in several math and geographical activities which yielded a clue when each station was complete. By the end of the day, a winner was crowned and the crime solved!

At the end of the day, the girls earned a badge in “Maps, Math, and More.” The details of the stations can be found Math, Maps and More.

A big thank you to our MML leads: Brittany Goff and Virginia Chambers as well as all the other student organizations that volunteered (NSBE, Microgravity, AIChE, etc.)

Joint event with NSBE! (America Station)

Greece Station

Italy Station

China Station

Egypt Station

Murder Mystery Lunch


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