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Congratulations Region G!

Between tours, sessions, luncheons, dinner, networking, and an epic career fair, Region G definitely had an unbelievable experience at WE12. Throughout the weekend, a number of Region G members were recognized for their outstanding achievements, academically and professionally. Congratulations to these members and to all of Region G for winning the Spirit Award at Celebrate SWE!

Region G Governor, Jessica Rannow, accepting the Spirit Award at Celebrate SWE!

Distinguished New Engineer:
Pamela Snyder, P.E.
Professional Development Award:
Medium Collegiate Section:  University of Pittsburgh
Large Collegiate Section:  The Ohio State University
Outstanding Collegiate Section Awards:
Silver Award – University of Pittsburgh
Silver Award – The Ohio State University
Technical Poster Competition:
3rd Place Undergraduate Competition: Lisa Volpatti – University of Pittsburgh
Region G Scholarship Winners:
•Melissa Consiglio – Penn State
•Megan Doerzbacher – Penn State
•Allison Hamilton – Ohio State
•Courtney Hetrick – Ohio Northern
•Catalina Hurtado – Akron
•Lindsey Montanari – Akron
•Taisha Vargas – Carnegie Mellon
•Sarah Watzman – Ohio State
•Amy Wen – Case Western
•Valencia Williams – Case Western
•Emily Wolf – Penn State

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