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November Hot Topic: Balancing Your Break

A guest Hot Topic by WVU Webmaster, Ruth Williams

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for Thanksgiving break.  We’re getting into the home stretch, we can see the light at the end of the semester, and Thanksgiving break can be that extra little push we need to make it there.  Since Thanksgiving break is only a week long for most schools (some even less!), it is important to find the right balance to make the most of your break.  After all, a break from college, just like college itself, can be a balancing act.

Many of us will return to school after break and have just a few weeks left before finals.  As sleep-deprived engineering majors, I’m sure you all can appreciate the value of a full night’s sleep.  It can impact our ability to focus, and therefore, our grades, not to mention our sanity.  Take advantage of the chance to fix your sleeping schedule and recharge your batteries, because after break, there might not be much time to sleep.  I’m not saying you should just sleep your break away, just take it easy.  Do whatever it is that helps you relax, that way you’ll go back to school energized and ready to take on the end of the semester.  Catch up with friends from high school, visit with family, play with your dog, whatever.  Just take this time to chill, without the stress of classes.

That being said, you can’t just check out completely.  You have to balance your break between work and play.  I think of school almost like playing a sport.  If you go a week without practicing, you’re going to be out of shape when you start playing again.  Likewise, if you don’t stay on top of homework and studying over break, it’s going to be hard getting back into that habit when you get back to school.  There isn’t really one “perfect balance.”  Some people will need to spend more time on relaxing and recharging, and some would make a better use of their time working and being productive.  If you can find the balance that works for you, Thanksgiving break can be a great time to regroup, collect your thoughts, and prepare for what lies ahead.


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