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RCS Update: Fall Senate Update and Why YOU Should Run for RCS!

I participated in my first Senate meeting at annual conference a few weeks ago in Houston, TX. I was excited and a little nervous to finally be able to vote on the motions that I had been discussing for the past few months. Below is an update of how each of the motions fared during the meeting, as well as some other Senate business (thanks to Professional Senator Karin Bozak for putting this update together). A big thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on the survey!

Motion S1301 (Robert’s Rule of Orders): PASSED! The bylaws are amended. The new bylaws template including this change will be released in January and sections will have 6 months to submit their updates to remain in good standing.

Motion S1302 (Date for Determining Representation – December 31st): PASSED! The bylaws are amended.

Motion S1303 (Alternate Senator): PASSED! Alternate Senators will continue to serve through FY13 and are then eliminated.

Motion S1304 (Petition Candidates): PASSED! The bylaws are amended.

Motion S1305 (Collegiate Director Election): POSTPONED INDEFINITELY so the Region Collegiate Team (RCT) Task Force and Leadership Election Task Force (LETF) can work with the Nominating Committee to come up with the optimal election process.

Motion S1306 (Nominating Committee Chair Selection Criteria): FAILED! Did not receive a 2/3rds vote to pass the amendment.

Motion S1307 (Committee Sponsored Dues): Withdrawn and replaced with S1308.

Motion S1308: NEW Motion to develop a four-year pilot program for use by employers for a reduced-dues membership programs. Employers can define large segments of their female employees rather than a consistent definition. This PASSED!

Other Senate Updates:

International Expansion Task Force – Provided an IETF plan with a strategy for moving SWE into the international space; the motion to approve the IEFT plan was approved by the Board of Directors.

Special Project Funding – Currently preparing a Special Project Funding Request for $50k to partner with KMA to create a Diversity and Inclusion Training Platform

Strategic Planning Update – A full board review of the vivid descriptions was completed. A high-level draft of the strategic plan was created and will be worked until the BOD Meeting in January.

Mega Issue 116 Update – Continuing to work on identifying short-term creative solutions for work life integration. The focus is on 5 Key Work-Life Integration areas: Flexibility, Maternity, Child Care, Finance, and Health & Well-Being.

Next Senate Meeting: October 26, 2013 in Baltimore, MD

Now a bit about why I like being RCS and why everyone should run for this position:

After serving as my section’s Internal Vice President last year and knowing that I did not want to be President this year, but that I still wanted to a have a role in SWE during my last year as a collegiate, I began looking for leadership opportunities outside of my collegiate section. When the call for nominations for RCR, RCCE, and RCS came out, I decided to run for RCS. After talking with my section’s SWE counselor, I realized RCS was the perfect position for me to hold during my super-senior semester – it doesn’t take up a lot of time, I can still hold the position after I graduate in December, and I still get to be involved as a SWE officer. By being RCS, I got to attend CLF, Region Summit, and Annual Conference, and I will be attending Regionals in Pittsburgh this spring. Besides attending these events, I call in on monthly Senate calls and post my opinions on discussion topics in emails and on the Senate Communities on the SWE website. There is also the option to join additional task forces or committees regarding Senate business. Overall, RCS gives you a lot of insight into the inner workings of SWE and allows you to meet and network with women in all levels of the society. I highly recommend this position for anyone looking for a different kind of SWE role that lets you branch out of your section and region as a collegiate member. If anyone has any questions about anything RCS or Senate related, please email me at tylicki.4@osu.edu.

– Jamie 🙂

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