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Congratulations Kentuckiana & PDG Grant (PDG) Proposals No Longer Have to Be New!

Congratulations to Kentuckiana for receiving a Program Development Grant for their “Engineering A New You” event to be held on January 19, 2013!

If you are interested in applying for your own PDG, check out some of the links below.




_program development grants guidelines

Copy of _pdg_proposal_budget_format

PDG Outreach Short Form final_distributed_0001


Program Development Grant (PDG) Proposal Projects No Longer Have to Be New

“We would love to do that! If only we had the funds.” With the SWE Program Development Grants (PDG) you could. The PDGs support activities of SWE Professional Sections, SWE Collegiate Sections, and SWE Members-At-Large, as well as special national committee projects. The funds can be used for programs that are dedicated to engineering outreach, professional development activities and diversity initiatives.

PDG proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis.  Review cycles begin on the first of each month and all proposals received between cycles are reviewed the following month.

The PDG committee will be hosting two webinars in September:

To learn more about how to complete a grant proposal and related documents, please visit the Program Develop Grant Community in MySWE Communities. While you’re there, you can also check out past project reports to get ideas and review lessons learned from successful projects. The site is updated periodically as new projects are completed. If you need additional information, feel free to email Wendy Cocke, PDG Chair.

And remember, submissions are due at the first of each month!


From SWE’s All Together Newsletter (December 2012)


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