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SWE: Wow! That’s Engineering! and TEEMS Grant Opportunities

Outreach advocates –

Join the Outreach Committee in launching its new monthly webseries! We will be featuring the many programs, partnerships, resources, and training the SWE Outreach committee supports. The webinars are designed to be short with streamlined information to help sections, regions, leaders, and the outreach community learn about the programs the Outreach Committee champions. This will create better dialog between the community and the committee, as well as bring awareness to our available resources.

Join us for the first Webinar on Tuesday February 19th, 7:30- 8pm EST. This webinar will discuss the Wow! That’s Engineering! Expansion and our TEEMS (Together Exploring Engineering, Math, Science) partnership. Register now at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/779412298

Wow! That’s Engineering! is a program geared toward sections interested in learning how to run an effective hands-on engineering event for girls for the first time, or those interested in learning how to improve an existing event.

TEEMS (Together Exploring Engineering, Math and Science) provides funding to encourage SWE and Girls Inc. partnerships.

Save the date for these tentatively scheduled webinars to follow:

March 19th: Sweeter Futures & Conference Workshop Information

April 16th: Resources, Tools, and Ways in Which the National Committee Can Help

May 21st: SWE Outreach Partnerships

A recording of the webinar will be made available.


Randy Freedman, M.Ed

Outreach Manager

Society of Women Engineers

203 N La Salle Street, Suite 1675

Chicago, IL 60601

D: 312.596.5232




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