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Call for Region G Events for SWE Yearbook

It’s that time to start thinking about the 2013 Yearbook in the Fall 2013 issue! Yes, the publication date is a long time from now, but as you know, compiling the Yearbook is a complex project and requires an early start.  I am looking for events you would like to include in the Yearbook article.  We will of course include the Region Leadership Summit and the Region Conference but are looking for more article ideas and photos!   Please send your ideas to for inclusion!

Some general information from the author of our article:

·       We can included text on 3 – 5 events that occurred in the region since July 2012.  These events can have occurred up until April 30, 2013.  We can also mention plans that you have for events that will happen after April 30, 2013 up to July 1, 2013.

·       You can use three to four photos to include events that are not in the text. Last year, many regions used photos to highlight fun events with detailed captions to describe them. We try not to publish photos of people standing in a line holding plaques or a room full of people sitting around tables.  Photos with minors in them need signed photo releases in order for them to be used.

·       All photos for SWE Magazine must be high resolution, which means that photos taken from cell phones won’t work unless set to high resolution. Most cell phones default for lower resolution. Please, please encourage your members to use cameras when taking photos of events. 

Deadline dates:

March 22 – Sections provide governor with ideas of events/photos and contact information of the people to be interviewed for each event.

May 6 – All phone interviews for Yearbook articles completed by magazine author

May 17 – All Yearbook articles written and out to the governors and everyone interviewed for their review.

May 24 – All changes to article text incorporated and sent to magazine for publication.

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