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Region G Conference

The Region G Conference was held March 1-3 at Carnegie Mellon University. It was only my second Regional Conference, but I was really impressed. Despite the depressing weather, the weekend was really energetic and motivating. My section made it in time for the start of the main day of conference. The day started with speeches addressing the state of the society and region…complete with an excellent breakfast (and the food at CMU was great in general!). The first session I went to was “Succession Planning” with Deb Mackay and Cindy Murphy. It was a really informative session, and I feel like I learned some tips to help the sustainability of my section. Then I went to an engaging and humorous session by Tyler Crummy, “Engineering a Successful Career.” With a job offer lined up, I thought I knew all there was to know about networking and career planning, but Mr. Crummy definitely gave some nice inside information, regardless of what “stage of the game” you are in. After lunch, I attended “Engineering Inventress” by Cindy Murphy and learned all about different inventions by Pittsburgh women. I was really surprised and motivated to see how many things were invented by women from Pittsburgh. I could tell a lot of work went into making that presentation.

After the workshops, I attended the Collegiate Meeting. It was nice to meet other “SWEesters” in our Region by doing Human Bingo. I also liked meeting the candidates for RCR, RCS, and RCCE. (Speaking of the candidates, the election videos are available in the previous post as well as on a permanent page on the right). After the meeting, I went with two other members of my section to the LCC/CLCC coaching sessions. It was great talking to Deb and Cindy about how we could more appropriately deal with our section growth and planning for future officer positions and training.

After learning a lot throughout the day, people went their separate ways for the career fair, poster session, tours, and free time. Personally, I went on the Wigle Whiskey Tour, which was a nice whiskey tasting, distillery tour, and history lesson all rolled into one. From what I could tell, it seems like people really enjoyed the other events as well.

The weekend closed with the banquet and awards ceremony. Special congratulations to the following sections and members:

Achieving Collegiate Section

Silver – Carnegie Mellon University, Ohio State University, University of Akron

Gold- University of Pittsburgh

Aspiring Collegiate Program Award – Pittsburgh

Aspiring Professional Program Award – Central Ohio

Region G Advancing Leader Award – Kathleen Smith

Region G Gem Award – Cynthia Reid

Next year’s conference will be held at Ohio State University, and the theme will correspond with the Winter Olympics. It should be a great conference…see you all next year!

conf 3

conf 14

conf 2


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